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What Are the Latest Technology Trends in the Hospitality Industry?

If there’s one key lesson we’ve learned from the last few years, it’s just how important technology is – not just for connecting people together and staying informed – but how it can function to keep a business operating and keeping customers engaging with a company even when they can’t physically interact.

Utilising cutting-edge technology, and looking for digital solutions to modern problems, is now more important than ever as hospitality trends and innovations seek new ways to connect with customers, make their experiences more engaging, and providing safety in terms of health, security, and data protection.

Social distancing, mask-wearing, and travel restrictions based on vaccination data are all relatively recent implementations due to the COVID pandemic, and although there has been some easing in these mandates, they’re not going anywhere for a long time yet.

As a result, perhaps the most prominent technological advances in the hospitality industry of late, have been focused on health and contactless interactions.

This has ranged from the introduction of anti-viral robots who can clean rooms and surfaces without the risk a human counterpart would face, and advanced interactive terminals such as RobotLAB’s ‘Pepper’ who, standing at 120cm (4ft) tall, has a touchscreen panel and supports speech – allowing companies to automate information relaying, and provide customers with information; to improving on existing processes such as operating SMART Rooms, integrating automatic check-in with mobile devices, offer Virtual Reality (VR) tours, and improving cyber-security.

The use of Blockchain solutions is also gaining traction in the industry, with the evolution of cryptocurrencies now reaching a stage where it’s becoming more commonplace, and users (especially in the Millennial age group) are actively investing in these digital assets and looking to pay for goods and services with these funds.

Hotels and Hospitality businesses must look at the ways they’re currently utilising technology, and what upcoming developments will benefit their business model.

87% of tourists prefer cooperating with brands offering personalised experiences, which means finding a balance between an appropriate distance for health and safety, without alienating the customer or making them feel like their booking doesn’t matter.

How a business handles this delicate balance can make the difference between a potential customer and an actual one.

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