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Marketing Ideas for January

Here are some fresh Marketing Ideas for January to help you improve your reach and engagement!

January Awareness Months

January has a number of different themes associated with it, both with individual event days and month-long promotions. These include:

  • Dry January
  • Soup Month
  • Be Kind to Food-Servers Month
  • Hobby Month

January Awareness Days

1st January

  • National Hangover Day

2nd January

  • Science Fiction Day
  • Cream Puff Day

3rd January

  • Drinking Straw Day
  • Chocolate Covered Cherry Day

4th January

  • Trivia Day
  • Spaghetti Day

5th January

  • Keto Day
  • Whipped Cream Day

6th January

  • Shortbread Day

7th January

  • Tempura Day

8th January

  • Bubble Bath Day
  • Winter Skin Relief Day

9th January

  • Sunday Supper Day

10th January

  • Cut Your Energy Costs Day
  • Clean Off Your Desk Day

11th January

  • Milk Day
  • Shop for Travel Day

12th January

  • Curried Chicken Day
  • Marzipan Day

13th January

  • Rubber Ducky Day
  • Sticker Day

14th January

  • Dress Up Your Pet Day

15th January

  • Strawberry Ice Cream Day
  • Use Your Gift Card Day

18th January

  • Peking Duck Day

19th January

  • Popcorn Day

20th January

  • Cheese Lover’s Day
  • Get to Know Your Customers Day

22nd January

  • Celebration of Life Day

24th January

  • Compliment Day

25th January

  • Opposite Day
  • Plan for Vacation Day

26th January

  • Spouses Day

28th January

  • Have Fun at Work Day
  • International LEGO Day

29th January

  • Puzzle Day

31st January

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day

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