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2022 Food & Drink Trends

With a continued focus on health and well-being, and difficulty for some in sourcing ingredients due to restrictions in shipping, manufacturing, and delivery, restaurants and eateries are having to think carefully about what foods and beverages they’re getting in, and what will appeal most to their customers.

British Ingredients, Health, and Ethical Consumption

Locally sourced ingredients continue to be popular with consumers, with British customers looking to treat themselves with experimental dining, activities, and spending out on desserts. 56% say they decide where to eat based on the venue’s stance on sourcing British products, and 86% are choosing more British cuisine now than they did in 2019.

However, this has to be balanced with a health focus, as according to Bidfood, 8 in 10 people are consciously looking for menus with healthy options, and a quarter of patrons say they would go elsewhere if they didn’t see any healthy options!

Plant-Based Foods are Still Making an Impact on Customers

There has been continued growth in the plant-based industry, and it’s now extending out from dishes and sides, to snacks, dips, sauces, cheeses, spreads, and creamers – which are all areas of the industry expected to see triple growth going forward.

Mushrooms are Growing in Popularity as a Healthy Ingredient and Addition to Foods and Drinks

Although mushroom dishes have been popular for a while, the use of mushrooms in perhaps unexpected places, such as being used as a powder added to meats and beverages, to offer functional benefits is growing. This largely comes from the fact that mushrooms come from a sustainable cruelty-free source, offer a boost to immune health (often with ‘enriched’ Vitamin D), and provide a wide assortment of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients such as Vitamin B, Zinc, Potassium, Selenium, and Fibre.

Nostalgic Desserts are Making a Come Back

Retro foods may have been seen as a novelty, and perhaps would be more of a short-lived fad than a trend, but there is still plenty of customers who want to experience the tastes of their youth, and even younger generation customers who are discovering certain iconic dishes and desserts for the first time.

Waitrose discovered that website searches for knickerbocker glory desserts were up by 171%

What Other Foods and Drinks are Going to Make an Impact?

There is certainly a growing interest in international flavours, and global cuisines, and a number of trends that indicate more unusual ingredients, as well as the classics.

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2022 Restaurant Trends

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